Mulch Delivery to Wynnewood 100% Natural & Organic

When it comes to Mulch Delivery in Wynnewood Mulch Works is second to none!

I was talking to my neighbor the other day. He was upset and I asked him why. He explained to me that it was almost spring again. I was confused I always thought that that was a good thing but he elaborated.

He informed me that for the past few years he had went with several mulch companies and none of them seemed to get it right. I asked him to tell me more.

He told me that the mulch’s colors faded almost instantly, delivery was never on time, he couldn’t get the amount that he wanted, the consistency was all wrong as if was made out of something that wasn’t even wood, I said “STOP!” I proceeded to tell him that he needs to hurry up, get on the phone and Call Mulch Works Recycling!

Not only is their pickup and delivery service top quality, so is their materials. Mulch Works actually makes the mulch right there at their site. They use 100% natural wood selected by the most respected, local tree surgeons and landscapers. No construction waste or wooden pallets are used at Mulch Works at all.

Mulch works also use the finest dyes so that your colors stay vibrant and last a long time.

They also have many styles to choose from such as Triple Shredded Midnight Black, Cherry Brown, Bark, Organic and Playground Mulch for the kids swing set area. Even though Mulch Works provides excellent pick up service, I was always sold on their prompt mulch delivery to Wynnewood.

Mulch Works also has a fine selection of other materials for your landscaping needs. They carry Top Soil which is also made on the premises with the rich nutrients from leaf compost. You may also want to ask about their River Rock, Crushed Stone, or Sand products.

If you don’t want to go another season using inferior landscaping materials, be it residential or commercial, Call Mulch Works Now for Your Free Estimate (888) 214-4628


*Please also visit our FAQ’s page. We answer commonly asked questions about mulch.