Chester Heights


When people look at Chester Heights, they see a slice of Heaven. A small suburban paradise, the home of Wawa, Delaware County’s shining little jewel. What keeps that jewel shining so bright? It’s beautiful landscaping and We Deliver Mulch to the Beautiful Area of Chester Heights!

At Mulch Works Recycling we aim to keep that jewel shining by serving Chester Heights with the most vibrant, natural, high grade, mulch and landscaping supplies that the Delaware Valley has to offer.

That’s right Chester Heights. Mulch Works is serving your area with the highest quality much and most competitive prices in the area.

All of our mulch is Triple Shredded. Not to mention 100% natural. It’s made on the spot at our 22 Mount Pleasant Way, Aston Location. For your convenience we also have another pick up center located at 1340 Middletown Rd. Gradyville, Pa.

At Mulch works we have a very meticulous  process for creating mulch. All wood is obtained  from renowned tree surgeons, expert landscapers and certain, selected land clearings.

Then the wood is then carefully separated before the grinding process. No wooden pallets are used. That is a wasteful practice due to the fact that wooden pallets do not break down and they tend to reject the dye.

The mulch is then prepared into different selections such as the elegant Cherry Brown. Or a favorite of ours, the deep, dark, Midnight Black. There is also the traditional Bark. We also carry Playground Mulch and Organic.

The organic is a special Eco-Friendly, dye free, mulch made from bark, hardwood, and root.

Even though we have easy pick up service, we want you to know that Delivery to Chester Heights is a snap. If you are interested in other landscaping supplies such as, River Rock, Crushed Stone, or Sand, give us a call.

Maybe we could interest you in of Topsoil also made at our locations. It is without a doubt rich with nutrients and leaf compost.

Our Prompt Delivery to Chester Heights is simple. If You need 1 yard we got you covered, if you need 65 yards at a time, we got you covered.

What are you waiting for?

Get on the phone now and Call Us at 1-888-214-4628 for your free estimate.


*Please also visit our FAQ’s page. We answer commonly asked questions about mulch.