OK… so you’re going through the yellow pages. You’re searching and searching and you find absolutely nothing. You’re looking around the lovely Concordville and you see the amazing mulch jobs on homes and businesses and finally you ask someone, where did they get such beautiful mulch?, and is mulch delivery to Concordville  available?  They tell you Mulch Works, you do a quick search, and here you are.

The first thing that you will be glad to know is that you don’t have to look around any further. You are in the right place. All your mulch and landscaping needs are right here and at the most reasonable prices you can find, We Got You Covered!

At Mulch Works, all of our mulch is 100% natural and triple shredded.

The selection is remarkable. There is the divine, Cherry Brown Mulch. We also have the deep, dark, Midnight Black Mulch. You may like our subtle but delightful Pure Bark Mulch. Of course there is the impact tested Playground Mulch.

We also have the eco-friendly, Organic Mulch. It’s a masterful blend of bark, roots, and hardwood.

The  manufacturing process is very meticulous. We provide the finest mulch because we only use the highest quality organic wood from respect tree surgeons and landscapers.

The wood is also carefully selected from specific land clearings.

Not a single wooden pallet is used. No construction debris is used either. We make sure all the wood is separated before the grinding process.

We use water based colorants for our dyes. Our dyes have been lab tested and the results were that we provide the safest dyes available. That means the dyes that we use are  for your   children, pets and plants.

Also unlike mulch from other companies, our colors last all season.

WE also carry a topsoil that we make ourselves. It is rich in nutrients and leaf compost. Be sure to ask us about our river jack, sand or crushed stone.

Although we offer mulch delivery to Concordville, We also provide easy pick up service at our two locations, 1340 Middletown Rd. Gradyville, Pa. and 22 Mount Pleasant Way, Aston Pa.

Call us at 1-888-214-4628 for you free estimate.

*Please also visit our FAQ’s page. We answer commonly asked questions about mulch.