The Main Line


It’s no secret that The Main Line is synonymous with high quality. The two go hand in hand. When you look at the homes and you look at the businesses, it’s obvious that only the best is acceptable. And at Mulch Works recycling all we offer is the best. The best landscaping supplies, the best prices, and the best, most reliable, mulch delivery to The Main Line period.

We only use the finest, high quality material when making our mulch.

For starters the wood we obtain is 100% natural, organic,  wood collected from top tree surgeons and landscapers. We also pick out certain land clearings.

Customer satisfaction is our top priority So wooden pallets and construction wastes are never used when manufacturing  our mulch. The wood doesn’t break down properly  giving your soil it’s much needed nutrients. Also, the dyes don’t take to the wood, leaving you with second rate mulch.

Only the finest, water based colorants are used  for our mulch dye. It of course has been certified, lab test for safety. You don’t even have to ask, the dyes used are safe around your children, pets, and even your plants. The best part about our colors is that they last all season.

The mulch comes in a variety of styles.  We Carry Cherry Brown Mulch. A favorite amongst our customers is Midnight Black. We have Pure Bark and the impact tested Playground Mulch.

We also sell Organic Mulch. It’s an eco-friendly, dye free, mixture of roots, bark, and hardwood.

We specialize in many other landscaping supplies. For instance we have a topsoil that we make at our facilities. It’s rich in nutrients and leaf compost. We also carry river jack, sand and crushed stone.

We offer mulch delivery to The Main Line, but we also have pick up service at our two locations at 1340 Middletown Rd. Gradyville, Pa. and 22 Mount Pleasant Way, Aston Pa.

Deliveries can be made in quantities as low as 1 yard or as high as 65 yards at a time.

Gives us a call today at 1-888-214-4628 for your free estimate.


*Please also visit our FAQ’s page. We answer commonly asked questions about mulch.