One lazy Saturday morning, I was driving through Havertown with my family and was just awe struck at how beautiful the landscaping was. When I saw this one particular property I was just compelled to pull over. The color of the mulch was so vibrant… I had never seen anything like it. The home owner was sitting on his porch reading the morning paper. I didn’t mean to intrude but I had to ask him who delivered his mulch.

He smiled at me and said “The only place to get mulch delivery to Havertown, Mulch Works Recycling!” He told me that Mulch Works was his one stop shop for ALL of his landscaping needs.

He was excited to tell me more. He told me that mulch made at Mulch Works is 100% organic. They make their mulch right there at their facility. And if You want, you can even visit them and watch how it’s done.

He told me that unlike these other shoddy companies that he had dealt with in the past, They don’t use wooden pallets or construction waste. We all know that pallets and construction debris don’t break down properly so your soil won’t get the proper nutrients and the colors in the mulch won’t take the way it should.

“And speaking of colors!” he exclaimed “boy do their colors last. I’m talking ALL SEASON!”  Then he told me, “They use a high quality water colorant that’s safe for the kids and the pets.”

Naturally I asked him to tell me more. He explained how they select the wood through a careful process using wood from known, local tree surgeons, and landscapers.

At this point I’m really impressed. He told me that all the mulch was triple shredded. It came in a lovely cherry brown, or I could go for midnight black. He said that the bark was exquisite and the impact tested playground mulch is always nice. They also have a nice, undyed organic mulch which is a mixture of hardwood, root and bark.

He also had to reiterate that they had pick up service and prompt delivery to Havertown.

He gave me the number 1-888-214-4628. I immediately called for my Free Estimate. It was the smartest call I ever made…


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