Mulch Delivery to Haverford, PA 100% Natural & Organic

When you are traveling through the beautiful town of Haverford, PA. One thing that you will notice is that people care…

They care about the appearance of their homes. They care about the appearance of their business. And when you care this much about the appearance of your property, there is really only one place you can depend on for your landscaping needs. That place is Mulch Works Recycling.

Mulch Works specializes in delivery services to Haverford. We also have pick up service available. You can depend on us. You can depend on the fact that Mulch Works supplies you with 100% natural, organic mulch made right here, at our family owned and operated facility.

You can depend on us to take the careful time needed to separate the wood before the grinding process. We use natural local wood from the most formidable landscapers and tree surgeons. You can depend on us because we don’t take shortcuts.

We don’t use wooden pallets or construction waste. They don’t break down or take to the dyes properly. And we only guarantee the best.

You can depend on us to use the finest colorants so that your colors last. We use water based colorants that are safe for your children, your pets, and your plants as well.

We have a diverse selection of mulch. We carry Triple Shredded, Midnight Black, Cherry Brown, Organic, Bark, and for the little ones… Playground Mulch.

You can depend on us for other landscaping material such as our nutrient rich Top Soil, River Jack, Crushed Stone, Sand, and much more. And, as we mentioned we have pick up service and Delivery to Haverford.

You are always welcome to stop by the plant and tour the facility. You can see the manufacturing process by our skilled professionals first hand.

Give Us a Call (888) 214-4628. Call the Company You Can Depend On, Mulch Works Recycling, and Get Your Free Quote Now!


*Please also visit our FAQ’s page. We answer commonly asked questions about mulch.