Well winter is over. It’s time for Cheyney  to get those new landscaping projects underway. While it may seem like there are many different places to choose from for landscaping supplies, the reality is there is only one. That one of course is the only place to offer 100% natural mulch, competitive prices and mulch delivery to Cheyney. That place is none other than Mulch Works Recycling.

Mulch Works is a family owned and operated company with two locations. 1340 Middletown Rd. Gradyville, Pa. and 22 Mount Pleasant Way, Aston Pa.

All of our mulch is triple shredded and 100% natural. We provide a diverse variety of mulch such as Cherry Brown, Midnight Black, Pure Bark, and Playground Mulch. Our Organic Mulch is a dye free, eco-friendly blend of bark, hardwood and roots.

As mentioned previously, our mulch is organic. We use local natural wood from respected tree surgeons, landscapers and land clearings. Also you should know that even before the grinding process begins all wood is separated accordingly.

We never take shortcuts like, using wooden pallets or construction waste.  Just as you take pride in your home or business, we take pride in our product.

Our water based, lab tested dyes are the safest anywhere. Not only are they safe around your children, pets and plants, they last all season long.

For further landscaping needs we carry supplies such as river jack, sand and crushed stone.

We also make our own topsoil right at our facilities. The top soil is rich in nutrients and leaf compost.

If your project is business or residential, we got you covered. For your convenience we have pick up service. If you can’t pick up, our trucks are always ready to go remember mulch delivery to Cheyney is a just a phone call away.

Deliveries can be made in quantities of one yard to 65 yards at a time. No job is too big or too small, we got you covered.

So don’t hold off on that project any longer. Give us a call at 1-888-214-4628 and get your free estimate today.


*Please also visit our FAQ’s page. We answer commonly asked questions about mulch.