Chadds Ford


There’s a celebration going on in Chadds Ford. You want to know why? I’ll tell you why… The leader in Mulch and Landscaping Supplies, Mulch Works Recycling, is currently serving and Delivering to Chadds Ford!

Yes, you read it correctly. The top quality, the reliable service, the great prices, the legendary 100% Organic, it’s all available To YOU Chadds Ford!

If you are a major landscaper that has that big commercial project lined up, or just looking to spruce up the homestead, “We Got You Covered!

If you need to pick up or you need mulch delivery to Chadds Ford, “We got you covered!”.

At Mulch Works Recycling we take pride in our product. We use only 100% Organic Mulch. That’s wood selected from local professionals such as, tree surgeons and landscapers. We also carefully select wood from land clearings.

Wooden pallets, construction waste and construction debris has a negative effect on mulch making. It doesn’t break down properly, not giving the needed nutrients to your soil, and it doesn’t take well to the dyes. So, it doesn’t get used at Mulch Works, EVER!

All of our Mulch is Triple Shredded. We have an excellent selection as well.

Many of our customers rave over the Cherry Brown. We carry Bark. Another great selection would be the Midnight Black. You could go natural too. We have an undyed Organic blend of bark, root, and hardwood. It is the season that the kids play all day, so just for them we have the Playground Mulch. It’s impact tested.

Our customers are satisfied for many different reasons. But, one reason that is often echoed is that OUR COLORS LAST!

Our mulch is dyed with the highest quality water based colorants. It’s been lab tested for your convenience. The results are that it is the absolute safest around children, pets and plants.

Don’t worry Chadds Ford, You may have been thinking “Well what about River Rock, Sand, or Crushed Stone”? The answer is “WE GOT YOU COVERED!” Call us for details.

We have an outstanding pick up service and of course mulch delivery to Chadds Ford is always an option.

So, pick up that phone and give us a call for your free estimate.

That number is 1-888-214-4628. Hope to hear from you soon…

*Please also visit our FAQ’s page. We answer commonly asked questions about mulch.