Clifton Heights


Ok Clifton Heights. It’s that time of year again. It’s time to pull out that check list and see exactly what you’re looking for this mulch season. Is it 100% organic mulch? CHECK! Long lasting colors? CHECK! Triple shredded with multiple selections CHECK! Top quality mulch with competitive prices? CHECK! Pick up service or Prompt Delivery to Clifton Heights? CHECK! And CHECK!

Well it seems to me like you’re looking for Mulch Works Recycling, and We Got You Covered!

Mulch Works the premiere Mulch Supplier to Clifton Heights and the surrounding area. Here at our in-house mulch processing center, we provide our customers with the highest quality mulch in the area.

All of our mulch is 100% organic. It comes from carefully selected wood from local, respected landscapers, landfills and well known tree surgeons.

The wood is then separated and combed through properly before it even reaches the grinding process. Then we use lab tested water based colorants for dye, guaranteeing you not only the longest lasting colors, but the safest on the market.

Unlike our competitors who use harmful, solvent based dyes, our mulch is safe around your children, pets, and plants.

All of our mulch is Triple Shredded. We have a variety of styles like the Elegant Bark, or the timeless Midnight Black, or the ever popular Cherry Brown. We also carry impact tested playground mulch and our popular undyed, Organic Mulch, made of roots, bark and hard wood. We got you covered.

We never use wooden pallets or construction debris.  They don’t take to the dye correctly and they don’t break down into the soil properly either. All mulch is made right here on the premises. We don’t just stop with the mulch. We make our own topsoil. It’s rich in nutrients and leaf compost.

Also for those interested, we carry River Jack, sand and Crushed Stone. Our pick up service and prompt Delivery to Clifton Heights is heralded by many. We deliver from 1 yard to 65 yards at a time.

So check that list and check it twice, if you’re looking for something nice and at the right price. Call us now at:

Give us a Toll Free Call Today at 1-888-214-4628.

*Please also visit our FAQ’s page. We answer commonly asked questions about mulch.