Will the dye on your mulch harm my children or pets?

No, our dye will not harm your children, pets, or plants for that matter. Our colorants are water-based instead of the more harmful solvent-based coatings used in other industries. We strive to use products that are effective, but safe for your family and home.

“Our Colorant manufacturer submitted the dye that we use to an independent, accredited laboratory for testing. The results showed our colorants, which were studied for acute exposure through ingestion, inhalation, dermal contact, and eye contact, qualify for Category IV, the lowest-concern category the test recognizes.”

How deep should I spread my mulch?

Mulch is best spread between 3 and 4 inches. At this depth it will keep your soil moist and help prevent weeds. Over-mulching is a waste of time & money! This is quickly becoming the number one killer to many shrubs and trees. Water saturated soil will cause root suffocation. Roots need to take in oxygen, unlike leaves that give off oxygen.

What Benefits Does Mulching Have?

Mulch helps to control your soil temperature and is effective in preventing weeds from growing. It blocks sun light from reaching the soil surface, Prohibiting young weeds the opportunity to grow a root system. Organic mulch also provides nutrients to the soil as it decays.

How should I apply the mulch?

The area you are mulching should first be weeded. Then edge your beds. Be sure to remove excess mulch from previous years. This can cause problems for your bushes and small trees. Spread the mulch, your hands usually produce the best results. Use a thickness of about 3 inches, and do not allow the mulch to make direct contact with the plants. This avoids disease problems down the road. When finished, clean up and look at what a difference a little bit of mulch can make!

Does Mulch cause termites?

No, mulch does not cause termites, but if termites are already present in an adjacent structure, it can give the insects a chance to tunnel in the mulch. If an exterminator puts down a chemical barrier, it will stop termites from entering your home and the surrounding mulched areas.

Is Your Mulch Organic?

Yes, all mulch produced by Mulch Works is 100% Organic! We use local natural wood from tree surgeons, landscapers, and land cleared areas. All of our wood is separated accordingly before the grinding process begins. We do not use wood pallets or construction waste. We take pride in our quality of product!