Seems like it was just yesterday, frigid air, the leaves were gone, barren landscapes and icicles everywhere. Well that’s all behind us now. Mulch season is here! And now, landscapers, businesses, and home owners of Hockessin you have been faced with a few choices. Since you are here reading this now, you have obviously narrowed it down to the right choice,

Mulch Works Recycling!

Mulch Works is the leader in supplying top quality mulch and landscaping supplies. With pick up service or delivery to Hockessin, We got You Covered!

Some companies throw the word quality around a lot. At Mulch Works we actually back our claim up.

We only use 100% natural wood from the best tree surgeons, landscapers and local land clearings. Then we go through a thorough process of separating the wood before the grinding process. All of our mulch is triple shredded.

Other mulch companies CLAIM to provide the same quality as us but then they go and do something insane like using wooden pallets, construction waste, or whatever they can get their hands on.

This procedure may be super cheap but the wood doesn’t break down and the dye won’t take properly leaving you with a lifeless, low quality mulch-like substance. Not the high quality grade A mulch that we supply.

Then, we choose only the finest water based colorants to dye our mulch. This guarantees long lasting colors. The competition can use solvent based coatings which often fade and can be harmful around children, pets and gardens.

All our materials are made right here. No outsourcing, passing the savings on to you.

Our mulch comes in several different styles. We have Bark, Midnight Black, Cherry Brown, an undyed Organic Mulch made of root, bark, and hardwood, and also Playground Mulch.

If it’s business or residential, we got you covered. We provide pick up service or prompt mulch delivery to Hockessin. Delivery could be in quantities as low as 1 yard, or as high as 65 yards at a time. No job is too big or too small.

Also on the premises we make our own topsoil rich in nutrients and leaf compost. We also carry crushed stone, sand, and river jack.

Call us today at 1-888-214-4628 for Your Free Estimate!

*Please also visit our FAQ’s page. We answer commonly asked questions about mulch.