Mulch Delivery in Delaware County, Chester County, & Surrounding Areas

chocolate Brown

$35 Per Yard

Midnight Black

$35 Per Yard

Organic Mulch

$30 Per Yard

Bark Mulch

$37 Per Yard

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Playground Mulch in Aston & Delaware County - ScapeWorx


$37 Per Yard

You might ask… Why is our mulch better than our competitors?

For one, we fabricate all of our mulch at our facility. Which means we know exactly what goes into it. We only use the finest local natural wood materials. We do not use wooden pallets! Pallet mulch does not break down properly and may contain harsh chemicals that are not healthy for your shrubs and small trees.

How does your Midnight Black and Chocolate Brown hold its color for so long?

Our dyes last so long because of the process and material we use to dye it. We use the most expensive and highest grade colorant which allows for increased consistency and longevity. We allow our wood grindings to age for 4 months. This allows the dye to soak into the wood properly and dramatically slows down the fading of dyed mulch and bleeding of the dye after rainfall. It also kills all weeds and bacteria throughout the decomposition cycle. We want your property to look as good in the fall as it does in the spring.